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Introducing myself

Hey my name is Jessica... but you can call me Jess! :D I'm 15 years old and i live in Newcastle, England. I am a big fan of westlife... my fave being Kian. i also love their parteners, more so Kevin than the rest of them.
I like writing fanfiction too, i mostly write slash! My fave pairings too write are kinicky (kian/nicky) and marvin (Mark/Kevin). i have wrote a shane/mark one also in the past.

When i have time i also like to make graphics. I will post two of my latest graphics... these both are of Kevin mcdaid.
Please comment and gave me some feedback... good or bad... tell me if you like them... or gave me advice on how to improve them... i dont mind constructive critisim(SP?!) but please dont put me down just because you are having a shitty day!

well thats all for now
love Jess x.X.x


Hi! Well I really appriciate your adding me=) Hope we'll become good friends, but, you see, I'm from Russian so I guess you won't be able to read and comment my posts... Pity...
And I'm sorry for my English.
I am studing this language at the University (I am a first-year student,you know) so it'll be great for me to have a pen-friend in England to improve my English. Can you help me with this?^_^

PS Yeah! Kian is hot!=)


Hi! of course i will be your pen friend... i love making friends online, and pople who like westlife are even better! :D And your fave is Kian too :D :D :D

If you eer dony know what i am talking about, just ask... lol.

love Jess x.X.x

Re: HI

Oh, believe me it won't be a problem to understand what are you talking about - i'm the best student in my group and i'm really keen on English... How can I get in touch with you? Write me to merenwen@rambler.ru. Ok?;)

Re: HI

Do you have msn? westlife_wonders@hotmail.co.uk is my msn address if you would like to chat that way... if you want to acually write letters i can gave you my home address... and you seem really good at Englih :D

Re: HI

Real letters? Real paper, ink and stamps?)) Oh, i'm afraid it'll be too long, don't you think so?^_^
Thanks))) It means I am a good student;) and I'm really glad i've sad something at all))